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Get in the Cashflow Game


Learn how to create passive cashflow through real estate investing

Real World Experience & Real Results


A combined 3+ decades of experience in financing and real estate!


Owned, operated, and sold a property management company with 1,000 units!


Rehabbed more than 300 units!


Personal cash flow in the high 6-figures every year!


Grown their initial investment of $35k to a multi-million $$ portfolio in only 8 years!


Funded over $1.5 billion in real estate deals!

Are you confused by real estate investing?

You want to begin building a real estate portfolio, but you are unfamiliar with the industry and intimidated by the process of investing.

You have dozens of questions—What kind of property should I invest in first? How do I recognize a good deal? What are the laws where I am buying?—and probably some well-meaning, but ill-informed friends telling you you’ll never succeed.

But guess what? They’re wrong. We know from experience that you can have success in real estate…

…All you need is the right expertise, and Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K is here to provide it.

A Roadmap for Success

We are all about helping others create financial freedom and generational wealth at Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K, and we know multi-family real estate is the perfect vehicle for achieving it.

Our mission is to provide you with a roadmap that details each of the five phases of the real estate investing process:



In which you become qualified to purchase your first deal.


During which you learn where to identify properties to invest in and how to find them.


Where you learn how to analyze properties' potential.


When you execute, or actually write your offer and close.


In which you learn to manage your property so you can maximize cashflow.


When you get to repeat and scale the process with your next deal!

Our process delivers real results…

Combined, we have 3 decades of experience in all things real estate, and we pour that experience into our podcast and membership community so you can save time, money, and frustration.


Learn from Krystle & Kenny’s years of experience when they break it all down into manageable, bite-sized steps.


Gain clarity on your next steps and confidently work toward your first (or next) real estate deal.


Apply our expertise to the post-purchase process as you flip or fill your property and create passive income.

Real Results for Real People


Keep it up! Please keep sharing the great content! This is a favorite podcast & love that the guests are local to the area.

Mitty Style

Hands down one down one of the most informative real estate podcasts I've ever listened to. There are so many different disciplines within Real Estate ... K&K have a deep understanding of the whole picture. I highly recommend this podcast!

Vive en Momento

I’m a HUGE fan of this podcast... they really add value to your life and business! I can’t wait to binge listen to all of the episodes!

How to Get in the Cashflow Game

Weekly Podcast

On Get in the Cash Flow Game with K&K, Krystle and Kenny cover all things multi-family real estate, so YOU can create generational wealth.

Membership Community

When you're ready to take your multi-family real estate investing to the next level our community offers the training and support to make it easy.

Real Estate Financing

Whether you’re closing your very first home loan or you’re looking for commercial financing for a multi-family apartment building...

Free Video Course with K&K

Do you feel the pull toward building your own multi-family portfolio? Stepping into the role of an entrepreneur and growing your own business and personal wealth?

Don’t get stuck in the “what-if” zone.

Springboard into action with this 4-part multi-family investment course from Krystle & Kenny. Learn the straightforward, relatable, and doable strategies that will help you build a real business producing real income.


Meet K & K

Krystle Moore and Kenny Simpson are a power couple with 30+ years of combined real estate experience. Krystle got into the industry at age 19, and Kenny wasn’t far behind.

Since then, they’ve founded, owned, operated, and sold multiple companies (including a property management business with 1000+ doors and one financing company). They grew their personal portfolio from $35k to multiple millions and have rehabbed hundreds of units in the process. Amidst it all, they are personal development junkies who love to stay fit and spend time with their two lovely daughters, Harlo and Harper.

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