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Krystle Moore & Kenny Simpson are leading authorities on all things real estate

With over 3 decades of combined experience in the real estate industry, this power couple has done it all. Their initial investment on their first deal was only $35k, and within 8 years they expanded it into a multi-million dollar portfolio. They’ve rehabbed over 300 units. They have owned, operated, and sold a property management company of 1,000+ units. They each manage their own financing company and, together, have funded over $1.5 BILLION in real estate deals.

All this to say: their expertise in real estate is vast, and they have the experience to prove it.

For anyone wanting to Get in the Cashflow Game of multi-family investing, Krystle and Kenny are your go-to experts. With insights on retirement, success habits, entrepreneurial mindset, and what it takes to run a business with your spouse, K&K are an engaging, dynamic couple who are sure to inspire growth in your listeners.

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Krystle Moore

Krystle Moore is the founder of Pacific Shore Capital and San Diego's leading expert in Commercial Financing and Real Estate Investing. She began her career at age 19 and now, with over 16 years of experience, Krystle has funded over one billion dollars, helping over 1,000 clients with their commercial and multifamily financing needs. Between managing over 1,000 units, rehabbing and designing countless properties, she is committed to sharing her immense knowledge and industry expertise with her clients.

Krystle's expertise has been featured in SD Voyager and the San Diego Business Journal, and she spoke on investing in Real Estate for the "Max NOI" event. She shares insights and strategies as the host of one of the most popular multi-family real estate podcasts, Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K, as well as her Pacific Shore Capital YouTube channel. As a commercial financing and real estate investing expert, Krystle is dedicated to helping people create generational wealth and financial freedom.

Kenny Simpson

Kenny Simpson is San Diego's premiere Residential Financier and Real Estate Investor. He has worked with thousands of clients on 1-4-unit financing, helping them shift their mindset and have confidence about investing. He leads the Simpson Team and is the host of one of the most popular multi-family real estate podcasts, Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K. Kenny loves helping new investors move beyond trepidation and insecurity, and his insights have been featured in SD Voyager and the San Diego Business Journal.

Kenny is a disciplined high-performer, getting up every morning at 3:30 AM for his "me time" so he can then give his best to his family and clients. His passion for educating clients on the latest industry trends has inspired him to host events on topics affecting real estate, most recently "Opportunity Zones" and "Rent Control, Now What?" You can also see Kenny's Real Estate Rants on YouTube. With over 15 years in the business, he's on a mission to help people get out of doubt and into the cashflow game.

There are so many different disciplines within Real Estate—finances, taxes, accounting, legal issues, etc., etc.—K&K have a deep understanding of the whole picture.

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