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Welcome back to another episode of the Value Add with K&K Podcast. Today we discuss the topic of, “Hedging Against Inflation…”basically a type of insurance policy used for investments on such assets like: Gold, Art, Land (Real Estate). But today’s topic dives into what the wealthy are doing now, and soon, to the economy, and that is investing in Bitcoin. Take a listen to these Podcast to find out more information: The Peter Schiff Show Podcast The Pomp Podcast Rich Dad Radio Show The Rate Guy The Grant Williams Podcast Macro Voices The Rebel Capitalist Show Old Capital Podcast Want to reach out about lending options with Krystle and Kenny? Check them out at: for Commercial and Multifamily Financing for Residential Financing You can Listen to Value Add with K&K Podcast Show on all Podcast Platforms including: Subscribe to Value Add with K&K Podcast Show Here:…… Value Add with K&K on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook:

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