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Your network is your net worth. – Poter Gale


We have a special episode today as this is an episode from Justin Stoddart’s Think Bigger Real Estate podcast.

Kenny had a great time talking about networking because he and I are natural networkers. We have been doing this for so many years and creating bonds with people and groups have helped us to tremendously grow personally and professionally.

Here’s an excerpt from Justin’s article on this collab podcast episode:

“One of their biggest value propositions is how they have created their own investment portfolio over the years by adapting to different markets. Their first pivot in the crash of ‘08 was starting a Property Management company that grew from zero to 1500 units in 3 years. They then bought a house together and flipped it for a profit of about a half million dollars. They invested this in multi-family units and started investing in Real Estate, resulting in a $20M portfolio that yields about $25k/month net today.

He tells us he landed in the office of Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most influential CEOs in the industry. His advice was to go home and give away everything they’d learned. Upon this advice, he started a podcast where they now spend their time teaching finance and how to have steady streams of passive income, helping people build portfolios and get into property management as they did.


Their network grows behind them in the wake of the personal success they created. Their results created a natural following of people with the same hunger to create these results. Kenny tells us if he could go back, he would invest in quality coaching much sooner. He has earned the attention of Gary V himself as a coach, and he says you can either pay or be invited but both are going to be equally valuable in building your network. When considering a coaching opportunity, ask yourself: “What rooms can this person get me into?” You’re not just hiring their input, you’re investing in a coach with a network, and in doing so you grow your own. You are one introduction away from the keys that will unlock doors you could never access by yourself. You can hack time based on who your coach has been around. Coaching is not an expense it’s an investment – you get a return on that dollar!”


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