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#146: What's going on with the Housing Market? With Housing Wire Lead Analyst

This week on the Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K Podcast

About Logan:

Logan Mohtashami is a housing data analyst, financial writer, and blogger covering the U.S. economy specializing in the housing market. Mohtashami’s work is frequently quoted in and Bloomberg financial. Logan is also a Lead Analyst for HousingWire. Mohtashami has been an invited speaker at the Americatlyst, California Association Of Realtors, and other economic conferences. He is a recurring guest on Bloomberg Financial, where he discusses the health of the housing market. Logan Mohtashami, now retired, has been called a social media star by National Mortgage News and “the chart guy” and “housing guru” by nearly everyone else, Mohtashami’s astute analysis of economic data and years of direct lending experience allows him to present a unique, informed, and unbiased perspective on the financial markets. Mohtashami is perhaps best known for his highly prescient yearly predictions articles and his predictions on the state of the housing market and mortgage rate trends published weekly on

Discussion Questions:

[4:10] – What we need to know about housing

[5:45] – Is this the lowest inventory ever?

[10:21] – Why are homebuyers on the fence?

[16:38] – Importance of understanding the data

[17:44] – Are rates going to go higher?

[21:23] – Demand for outlier areas

[29:10] – What is the only thing that can create more inventory right now?

[33:25] – What can cool a market down right now?

[36:54] – Migration Data

[52:12] Where you can find Logan.

Find out more about Logan Mohtashami at:

You can find out more about Logan Mohtashami at:

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