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Welcome back to another episode of the Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K. In today’s episode, Krystle and Kenny Simpson are joined by Neil Timmins. Like so many other investors, Neil began with single family homes but has progressed into assets consisting of apartments, offices, and industrial space. Over the course of his career, Neil has been involved in over $300,000,000 in real estate transactions.

In 2021 Neil published his first book, Unicorn Hunting for Real Estate Investment Companies: How to Easily Attract, Screen, and Land a Unicorn. The book is tailored to helping real estate investors find and retain top talent through the strategic systemization of hiring. Neil also hosts his own podcast, “Real Grit” where he pulls back the curtain on real estate investing through interviews with industry titans. “Real Grit” provides listeners with the tools they need to secure their lasting real estate legacy!

Recently, Neil and his team launched the Legacy Impact Partner Program where they partner with fix and flip investors from around the country. Neil’s team brings capital to fund and fix rehabs, operational expertise, and years of experience catapulting their partner’s business to new heights.


Neils surprising story with his family and ReMax

Landing a Unicorn

Diversifying your real estate portfolio

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