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#150: Build Better

This week on the Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K Podcast

About Ahmed Seirafi:

Ahmed Seirafi, founder of Andalusia Development Company, oversees all aspects of the acquisition, disposition, and development processes for Andalusia Development Company. He has led all facets of the business, spanning more than $100,000,000 in commercial assets, primarily in multifamily and retail.
A second-generation real estate investor, Ahmed successfully launched the repositioning and has spearheaded substantial growth with acquisitions of value-add multifamily properties and development opportunities since 2015.
Ahmed has led Andalusia Development Company in the execution of several development opportunities in its first few years of existence and has been instrumental in growing the development pipeline by 300%. With his expertise and experience, he has consolidated and focused the firm’s strategy to the acquisition of value-add and development opportunities, where value can be created through new construction, extensive renovations, hands-on management, and improvement of operating efficiencies.
Prior to founding Andalusia Development, Ahmed amassed his comprehensive and expansive level of expertise while serving as senior associate at CB Richard Ellis, as well as leading several projects as vice president of operations at a large commercial contracting company specializing in civic development endeavors.
Ahmed’s ability to seek out and acquire multifamily and commercial opportunities and his expertise in development has been instrumental in the growth and success of Andalusia Development Company.
As an esteemed graduate from California State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance and Real Estate, Ahmed has leveraged his amassed skills, experience and education to enhance and expand real estate projects across an array of specialties, most specifically, in the commercial real estate sector.

Discussion Questions:

[6:07] How the trend of investing AND developing in Multifamily screws up the market
[9:19] The hoops you need to jump through in California as a Real Estate Developer
[11:55] Real Estate Developer mistakes you MUST AVOID
[13:24] Market Rate Projection – there is a lack of balance and creating a supply and demand issue
[17:17] Building UP
[29:55] In Real Estate Developing, if you have the money, you will win
[32:32] Real Estate Developing Bureaucracy in California 
[35:54] Masterminds and the power of what they do
[41:04] Collaborations with Masterminds and how you can win is a part of them

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