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#149: Serial Entrepreneur and buying Digital Real Estate - from NFT's, to Crypto and Real Estate

This week on the Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K Podcast

About Justin Sloan:

Justin Sloan is a Pacesetter and innovator are two words that perfectly describe Justin Sloan. Justin is a business-oriented and highly driven entrepreneur who is passionate about investment and asset management. Justin ventured into the world of business at the age of 20 when he took every penny in his bank account and started his first cell phone retail store with himself as the only employee. After months of working every day open to close, the business was able to hire the first employee and eventually grow into a large chain.
His experience in business and exposure to management equipped him with valuable skills in financial management, market analytics, and opportunity arbitrage.
Over the past several years, Sloan Capital has began syndicating real estate deals to outside investors and has made sizeable venture investments in more than a dozen companies. Justin is highly knowledgeable in all things business, Cryptocurrency, NFT’s and his undeniable passion is what sets him apart from the rest.

Discussion Questions:

[2:09] – What is drawing Justin to San Diego these days?
[3:08] – How Justin started his Entrepreneur path.
[14:08] – Building Companies
[16:25] – Having the confidence to build businesses
[18:00] – The power and impact of being a part of a mastermind
[24:44] – Getting started in Everbowl and taking over Texas
[48:20] – Cryptocurrency & NFT’s
[1:00:00] РMetaverse  

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