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Going from a Chicago gang mindset to a real estate investing mindset, Andre Evans has done a complete mind shift to change the generational curse for his family.

Welcome to the Get in the Cashflow Game podcast with your hosts Krystle Moore and Kenny Simpson. We are joined by Andre Evans, a veteran Naval Officer, Entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who is passionate about self-development and leadership education and helping people achieve wealth through investing in multifamily real estate.

👂🏻Podcast MUST LISTEN to Time Stamps:

[00:01:55] Andre Evans’ Backstory

[00:06:02] The generational shift Andre Evans is committing himself to change through investing in multifamily real estate

[00:12:30] How to use the VA loan to get into real estate investing and maximize your loan dollars

[00:17:00] How to use the VA loan to house hack through short-term and mid-term rentals and minimize your cash flow each month

[00:21:05] How to successfully become a versatile real estate investor through passive, joint, and syndications

[00:22:30] How to successfully plan your day by creating a morning routine and setting goals

[00:27:00] Why Kobe Bryant was extremely successful in basketball

[00:28:50] What is Andre Evans’ WHY for wanting to invest in real estate

[00:33:00] Ed Mylett’s Power of one More

[00:44:25] How can someone grow with real estate meet-ups in your backyard

[00:47:45] How Andre Evans got started on his “Multifamily by the Slice” podcast

[00:51:18] What are the benefits of STRATEGIC masterminds?

🎧About Andre Evans:

As the CEO of “That’s My Property,” Andre Evans is on a mission to help others achieve financial freedom and uplift communities through real estate education and leadership by investing in multifamily properties.

A native of Chicago, his passion stems from his background as a former gang member.

He is a distinguished U.S Naval Academy graduate, President Truman Scholar, & MIT Fellow. Andre has 98 doors under management valued at over $13 Million.

He is the Host of the “Multifamily By the Slice” podcast and co-hosts the #1 Real Estate networking meetup in San Diego called “Opportunity Knocks”.

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