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What is currently happening in the U.S. with the economy?

Kenny Simpson, from the Simpson Team and Get in the Cashflow Game, breaks down what is currently shifting the economy.

We go through:

[0:0:06]: State of the Economy

[0:01:30]: Going back to the 2008 Recession

[0:05:35]: Current Recession — YUP we said it

[0:07:24]: Stimulus and Increasing Rates

[0:08:27] Judy Shelton Snippet from Grant-Williams Podcast

[0:11:42]: Why Increased Rates Matter

[0:14:37]: Inflation in the Economy

[0:18:26]: Stocks, Crypto, and 401K’s

[0:21:23]: Real Estate in this current Economy

[0:28:54]: Fear that comes with the current state of the Economy

[0:37:12]: Current Recession and what it means for YOU

[0:39:18] The Opportunities that come up during this time

[0:48:16]: MY Predictions during this time

[0:50:42]: Wrap up

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