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In today’s world, emotions and drama often take center stage in discussions and decision-making processes. It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and let our feelings guide us, but it’s important to remember that data and facts should always be the foundation of our decisions. We must know how to evaluate the pros and cons of different options and make decisions based on evidence rather than our feelings. By relying on data, we can avoid the pitfalls of emotional decision-making and make choices that are based on facts rather than opinions.

Kenny’s newest webinar “Data Over Drama” highlights his passion for data and housing. The webinar focuses on all relevant data on the housing market. These data provide a clear picture and debunk a lot of the sensationalized media articles selling clickbait.

The aim of the webinar is for buyers and sellers in the housing market to make an informed decision using the latest available data. When we rely on data rather than drama,  both buyers and sellers will become less susceptible to manipulation.

Data should always be the foundation of our decisions. While emotions and drama can be powerful forces, they can also lead us astray. By relying on data, we can make informed decisions that are based on evidence rather than personal biases. Data allows us to evaluate the pros and cons of different options and make choices that are in our best interests. So, the next time you’re faced with a decision, remember to put data over drama. Facts Matter More Than Emotions.

Here are some highlights from this episode:

01:05 – Intro to Data Over Drama

03:00 – Correlation between the number of births x buyers

03:35 – Biggest home buyers

06:41 – Number of times people move houses

10:54 – Number of housing units built

17:07 – Household Growth

22:23 – Private Securitization & Portfolio

26:00 – Foreclosure

29:20 – End


The Data Over Drama PDF is coming out next week and the full video version is launching soon.


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