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Is now a good time to buy real estate? This is a question that many of you might have been asking. And this is the question that all first-time buyers have asked themselves over and over. The simple answer from our latest podcast guest Patrick Kappel of Kappel Realty Group is that anytime is a good time.

Bankrate puts it perfectly by saying that “no matter which way the real estate market is leaning, buying now means you can start building equity immediately. It also means avoiding the potential for additional mortgage rate increases later: Rising rates can spell serious trouble for your monthly budget, and they also result in paying more in interest over the life of the loan.”

As a passionate real estate buyer, Patrick learned early on from a mentor in the Navy that the best time to buy real estate is every time you can. He says there will always be someone who will say now is not a good time. But that to succeed, drown out all the outside noise and buy when you are able to. You don’t have to be picky either. If all you can afford is a studio unit in a midrise, then buy that.

Don’t think of your dream house when getting your first property. The strategy for buying your first few real estate purchases is that they should be meant as investments.

Make that decision to buy your first real estate and don’t look back.

See you again next week for another exciting episode!


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