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In this episode of #TheGetInTheCashFlowGame, Jeff Fenster, CEO of EverBowl and Serial Entrepreneur, discusses:

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About Jeff Fenster:

Jeff began in law school, and aspired to be a sports agent, but the birth of his daughter, and the sudden realization of the importance of family, caused him to pivot and re-evaluate his position.

Experience is the most overrated prerequisite to starting a company. An interesting statistic is that nine out of ten restaurants fail. Jeff chose to use this as proof that experience in an industry can still result in failure 90% of the time.

If you love what you do, and you’re passionate about it, then you’ll always find success eventually. Your passion will keep you coming back, and those who work hard will always get there.

Whatever scale or stage that you’re at, it’s vital to recognize the position you need to take in the business. The person who starts a business isn’t necessarily the person who should scale it.

Vertical integration is a concept that Jeff has embraced in all of his ventures. It is the method of adding value in order to make his client base happier, and hopefully induce them to invest more.

A pioneer in the quick-serve restaurant category, Fenster is the founder of the rapidly expanding, So Cal-based superfood brand, Everbowl™ which he established in 2016. Everbowl is nationally recognized as a rising-star within the sector, making healthy superfoods accessible and affordable for everyone. With a growing footprint of retail locations in So-Cal and Arizona, Fenster is driving the monumental growth of Everbowl, with plans to introduce the brand nationwide through both retail operations and a line of superfood-infused CPG products. As part of successfully scaling the brand, Fenster has spearheaded the implementation of innovative processes to streamline Everbowl’s revenue-driving efficiencies in areas including operations, procurement, supply chain and construction.

As an inspiring mentor and team-builder, Fenster is dedicated to fostering a strong company culture where the motto is “make friends and have fun.” Fenster is also a proactive community advocate, generously contributing time and funds to his neighbors and Everbowl customers.

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