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Mike Howard: The REAL Mile High ClubIn this episode of #TheGetInTheCashFlowGame, Mike Howard, “Your Jet Guy”, discusses:

Discussion Questions:

[1:07] About Mike Howard

[2:45] Pre COVID jet trends and how they’ve changed the jet business

[3:15] COVID increasing the use of Jets

[4:52] The upside and downside of the influx on flying jets

[11:00] Demand for charter jets causing problems

[17:25] Change in economy — The rich are rich for a reason

[24:45] How to book a charter jet

[27:43] Cost of running a jet

[36:45] Pilot shortage

[44:23] Don’t be that empty leg person

About Mike Howard:

Mike Howard is an Entrepreneur, speaker, and family man. Mike is the founder and CEO of Guaranteed C.S. Inc and Jetsetter Charter Jet Service. With 10+ years of sales and leadership background, Mike’s true passion is creating opportunities for others. Aside from scaling both companies to 7 figures in less than 2 years, Mike has helped 50+ individuals get started on their Entrepreneurial Journey.

Where to find Mike:

Instagram: @mikehoward3


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