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Welcome back to a NEW Season of Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K, and what better time to start the season than right before the 2023 New Year begins! In today’s episode, Krystle and Kenny Simpson go over their thoughts and predictions of what will happen to the real estate market based on current trends and data, along with what opportunities may lie on the horizon.


The trend the Fed has done with interest rates, what’s next?

Unemployment trends

Are there opportunities in the market?

2023 Predictions


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00:00 – PRELUDE


00:53 – The waiting game in the market because we’re waiting for the Fed to Pivot

01:30 – Money in and money out

03:30 – Getting paid more money with no risks

04:40 – Average saving rate in the United States

06:00 – The Wall Street buyers will start coming back into the market (big sign in the market!)

07:45 – How does unemployment look like right now?

10:45 – Liquidity in the system, will something break?

14:45 – You have to watch the market for the opportunities

17:00 – Career/Job migration

18:00 – Kenny’s Predictions

19:00 – Krystle’s Predictions

28:29 – END


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