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That is right, he is back again! We had our former guest, Nick Hardwick, join us on another episode of the Value Add with K&K Podcast. Here is the first episode he was on in case you missed it:… If you don’t know, Nick Hardwick was a former Center for the San Diego Chargers for 11 years up until his retirement in 2015. In this episode we deep dive into his new supplement line he started, Hardwick.Life: where his purpose and passion has been to help others find their health and wellness, the same way that he was able to reclaim his own.

We also talk about the mindset you have to have (going into COVID) and philosophy learned on the football field, Generational Wealth and more! You can find Nick Hardwick and his supplement line at: Instagram: Instagram: You can also listen to Nick Hardwick on his latest Podcast:… Listen to Value Add with K&K Podcast Show: Subscribe to Value Add with K&K Podcast Show Here:… Value Add with K&K on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook:

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